my mom just said “watch this” then ran a red light and said “i just don’t care”

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morning runs aren’t so bad when they look like this (at Moses Cone Manor)


"be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods." the best advice I’ve ever received.

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Enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things, that are more important than what you want.


Hunter x Hunter 2011

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~ Kurt Vonnegut


|| waiting in a car, waiting for a ride in the dark / the night city grows, look and see her eyes, they glow || midnight city - m83 ||

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But maybe that’s the way it should be. Maybe working on the little things as dutifully and honestly as we can is how we stay sane when the world is falling apart. Haruki Murakami, Samsa in Love (via splitterherzen)
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*puts metaphor between teeth* it’s a cigarette

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